5 steps to improve business productivity Oct 27, 2017

1. Listen to your staff

Your staff know better than anybody what is happening on the ground. So they are best placed to assess the challenges and suggest improvements. Why not get them together and listen to them. Regularly.

2. Give your staff permission and responsibility

If your staff are better able to understand detailed challenges on the ground, they are best equipped to devise an improvement process, implement it and measure the results.

3. Give your staff a share of the improved profits

If your staff have been allowed to develop and implement a business improvement process it is only fair that they share some of the increasing profits.

4. Report your success

Once staff are actively managing your business improvement processes and sharing in the gains, publishing your success reinforces the process, keeps staff loyal and committed, and improves your business image.

5. Share your successes across your supply chain

Your success can be replicated across your supply chain, which could increase your profits further. By doing so everybody is better off, more loyal to each other, more committed to continuous improvement and the whole structure is more sustainable.
Better productivity can be contagious.