The treasure buried in your business Nov 09, 2015

When you eventually appoint a representative to sell your business, they will predominantly promote the facts and information about your business that you give to them.

The valuation of your business will be based largely around the appeal of this information to a range of potential buyers.

However, a significant part of the value of your business may lie elsewhere, hidden from view. It’s information that you didn’t think to use because it appears to be of no value, or even negative, or that you’ve forgotten about because it’s not relevant to current business activity.

For example, products or services that you developed previously that haven’t been successful, market niches you have vacated that you were unable to fully exploit, previous customers, even a short remaining rent period on your business premises. These can all add to the value of your business if presented in the right way.


Richard Wright is a Director of Prepare To Sell Ltd, helping re-engineer businesses to deliver sustainable growth and increase their value in preparation for sale.