What it means to be a business owner-manager Oct 08, 2014

Every company owner is passionate about their business. It requires years of working long hours, financial risk, endless battles, all for the prospect of a successful outcome. But how often do we stop to consider what that outcome really means to us?

For some a successful outcome is building a business and taking it as far as they can, which then means passing or selling it on to others who can take it to new levels. For others it means maintaining good performance, keeping things stable and sustainable perhaps until retirement. But for many business owner-managers, coping with growth is often a significant challenge.

If growth is not digested properly it puts existing customer loyalty at risk, and that puts the whole company at risk. For owner-managers who are looking to sell their business, for whatever reason, a significant challenge is the fact that their experience and expertise may leave the business with them and that can badly affect the valuation.

Prepare To Sell Limited (www.preparetosell.co.uk) is an advisory service that works with business owner-managers (smaller and medium sized companies), helping them re-engineer their businesses to cope with growth, or helping them to prepare their businesses for sale.

For growth to be sustainable and for the sale value of a company to be maximised a significant amount of outside guidance and help is recommended. It’s not a quick fix, and if you are busy running the business it’s hard to find the time. So to make it easier, the way we work is different: We are friendly, straightforward (no jargon), affordable and flexible. Our advisory service is built around your specific challenges. You can use us as little or as much as you like, when you like.